TIME for Anti-Spin Spin

TIME isn’t what it used to be. And no, not Stephen Hawking time. Time the magazine.

A horse by any other name would be a horse of a different colour,
but it probably wouldn’t smell any sweeter.
Photo: Shanghai, Nanjingxi Road, January 2014 by the author.
(c) MarginalReturns 2014

Not that TIME was ever really smart, like The Economist (or Steve Hawking), or edgy and sharp like Rolling Stone. The Atlantic it ain’t. But TIME does seem to have dumbed-down a bit.

If you’re first reaction is to humbug our claim, watch this.


The attempt to explain how the video oversimplifies things is more appalling than the video’s breezy but essentially spot-on in brevis poke at the ways and means of Western democracy.

A classic case of a cure being worse than the disease — or a symptom of someone else’s disease.

This video isn’t new — the Hidden Harmonies blog observed it, and it’s been wafting around Youtube for a while.

We bumped into it while rummaging around the TIME website.

We think: TIME should have have run the video without the narrative, and let viewers laugh.

Or wince. Or pause, and think about it.

But the commentary is weak, and we believeth that TIME hath protested too much. The video’s observations need to be taken with an entire box of kosher salt, aye, but that much is or should be obvious. TIME‘s apologetic, however, gives the video too much credit, and speaks volumes about – if not the magazine’s editorial sensitivities – their agenda.

And just because the essential argument is pro-CCP spin, it doesn’t mean that each and every point is fundamentally incorrect.

If democracy really needs amateurish puffery to shore it up against a Ministry of Feelgood cum South Park stunt, then it’s in trouble.

Ah, if we could save TIME in a bottle…

We’d make a Molotov Cocktail with it.

And hurl it at USA Today.


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