Good Foundation. Maybe She’s Born With It.

If Ellen DeGeneres can make it on the Mainland, there might be a future in television for Jimmy Kimmel after all.

Ellen is, of course, a logical choice: Xteener, Michelle Phan (“Rice Bunny”), Jessica Beinecke (OMG英语), “Two Broke Girls”.

Connect the dots.

The growing frequency in metro-Middle Kingdom of fairly open, uncloseted female companions and intimates (in the big cities, these kind of pairbondings, many experimental and temporary, are now positively fashionable, if not culturally-approved) might ensure Ellen gets a healthy reception.

And maybe Metan Development Group was banking on that.

From another angle, the departure of both Garnier and Revlon from China might explain in part why Metan Development Group punted the show. Ms DeGeneres is a model for Covergirl (Proctor&Gamble), which has been kicking around the Middle Kingdom since 2005.

欢迎, Ellen.

(Updated with corrections 28 January at 14.39hrs.)